Kalida Kalidi

Hi. I am Kalida. I am a grandmother to four active children. I help to look after them. So can you imagine the bustle in the house? Not to mention the chaos of course! Not that it is not welcomed. It is definitely. The laughter of children has a way of bringing happiness to any home.

photo of self

I am a retired educator. I was in the education service for a large part of my life. It was a good field. But like everything else, every beginning has an ending.

Now I am also turning to writing. I guess these posts represent this interest.

I am drawn to laughter. Hence I tend to drift to stories and movies with humorous bent. You can call it my coping mechanism. Living head-on with life’s challenges is no walk in the park. It was not so then. It is not so now. But I learn to cope.

And I love to read. Just give me a book … the best sellers especially …

However I do find time to cook and bake. I dabble mostly in Malay and Indonesian comfort food. So if you find that this blog touches a lot on Malay and Indonesian comfort food you know where it is coming from.

To fellow bloggers and visitors I do hope you can find your way to my blog.

Do visit Andung Ida’s Musings. Like they say it in my community “Singgahlah sebentar.”